Instructions for Teachers

  1. Register for an account using your district provided email address.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on Teacher Login under Fund-A-Project and use your District email address and password to login.
  3. When signed in you will see a tab for 'Projects'. If you do not see that tab, the email address you provided may not match that of a teacher in the system.  Contact us at 772-564-0034 for help.
  4. To add a project, click on the 'Projects' tab
  5. Once there, click the button with the bright green '+' sign labeled 'Add' to the right of the page.
  6. Fill in the required fields.
  7. Your project will have to go through an approval process before it is visible on the website.
    1. If the project is unfinished or will need revising, save it as a "Draft". It will not bee seen by administrators or the public until it is marked as complete.
    2. You, the teacher who created it, will have to mark the project as 'Complete' and submit it.
    3. Once that is done, a Foundation administrator will have to review and approve it.

Once your project has been approved by a Foundation administrator, it will be visible and available for funding on the site.

Please remember:

1.  All donations are to be used for new purchases.  No reimbursements will be allowed.

2.  A commitment for funding does not guarantee approval for purchase. All employees are expected to follow existing District policies and procedures.