Storm Grove Middle School

Class Teacher Donors  
Art Jackson, Alexandria None
Band Director Srigley, Sean None
Business Education Pohlman, Mark None
Critical Thinking Wilson, Nolita None
Digital Art Caro, Wilfredo None
Exceptional Ed Cox, Jessica None
Exceptional Ed Dembski, Kelley None
Exceptional Ed Devine, Cindy None
Exceptional Ed Herron, Evelyn None
Exceptional Ed Jaffe, Tiffany None
Exceptional Ed Reynolds, Travoris None
Exceptional Ed Smeltzer, Stephanie None
Exceptional Ed Smith, Taylor None
Exceptional Ed Williams, Chandra None
Foreign Language Bell, Heather None
Guidance Counselor Blume, Bethany None
Guidance Counselor Cathcart, Jessica None
Language Arts Blackwell, Kirsten None
Language Arts Burnette, Christella None
Language Arts Carter, Dawn None
Language Arts Carter, Shane None
Language Arts Green, Whitney None
Language Arts Peterson, Amanda None
Language Arts Rhodes, Aqila None
Language Arts Wurster, Margaret None
Language Arts York, Erin None
Librarian/Media Specialist Sessoms, Danyelle None
Math Baxter, Paige None
Math Burney, Erica None
Math Corby, Kimberly None
Math Mangieri, Lisa None
Math Morris, Marta None
Math Negherbon, John None
math Nevins, Ellen None
Math O'Bryan, Susan None
Math Pettit, Laura None
Math Souther, Susan None
Math Coach Demeter, Nancy None
Music Harris, Gregory None
Orchestra Director Waters, Steven
  • Dr. Matthew and Mendy Klein
Physical Education Augenstein, Bryan None
Physical Education Coppola, John None
Physical Education Lange, Hilary None
Reading Cannon, Liz None
Reading Council, Nadine None
Reading Filippone Sinclair, Patrecia None
Reading Freeland, Jennifer None
Reading Hennen, Jessica None
Reading Kahn, Janice None
Reading Nathaniel, Shana None
Reading Petrosky, Caitlin None
Reading Reeves, Pamela None
Reading Sanders, Angela None
Reading Coach Nasci, Maria None
Resource Specialist Seeley, Ainsley None
Science Bryant, Kimberly None
Science Greene, Amber None
Science Hughes, Whitney None
Science Martinelli, Joan None
Science Presti, Lisa None
Science Refsland, Joseph None
Science Rollin, Ashley None
Science Sleeper, Melissa None
Social Studies Anderson, Katherine None
Social Studies Dillon, Sean None
Social Studies Hall, Concetta None
Social Studies Harris, Caitlin
  • The Rundels Family (Kate)
Social Studies Nigito, Steven None
Social Studies Supernaw Von Saman, Vicki None
Social Studies Sutherland, Heidi None
Social Studies Torok, Marisa None