Oslo Middle School

Class Teacher Donors  
Algebra Burns, Simmie None
Art Hyde-Turner, Jordan None
ASPIRE Richardson-Pryor, Marilyn None
Band Director Hastings, Michelle None
Civics Peirce, James None
Critical Thinking McMullen, Melanie None
Exceptional Ed Crowley, Anna None
Exceptional Ed Di Sisto, Keren None
Exceptional Ed Falcone, Robin None
Exceptional Ed Fuller-Rhaheed, Jacqueline None
Exceptional Ed Mays-Cucci, Gloria None
Exceptional Ed Smith, Judith None
Exceptional Ed Williams, Timothy None
Exceptional Ed Gifted Boudreaux, Chelsea None
Foreign Language Watkins, Pam None
Guidance Counselor Burson, Jayla None
Guidance Couselor Ferraro, Ivonne None
Guidance Couselor Hart, Eathel None
Language Arts Carter, Ariana None
Language Arts Ferguson, Sharetta None
Language Arts Greenidge, Sharette None
Language Arts Lane, Amanda None
Language Arts Moore, Aurelia None
Language Arts Pennell, Shawna None
Language Arts Russell, Randall None
Language Arts Vincente, Patricia None
Language Arts Whiting, Dawn None
Librarian/Media Specialist White, Sherry None
Math Adkins, Cassandra None
Math Juarez, Miriam None
Math Lalanne, Lionel None
Math McMullen, Bryan None
Math Nelson-Soderman, Angelique None
Math Remy, Lucille None
Math Coach Byrd, Brandi None
PE Kramm, Kelly None
Physical Education Buldo, Jonathan None
Physical Education Johnson, Germaine None
Principal Robinson, Eddie None
Reading Campbell, Cheryl None
Reading Howle, Carlene None
Reading Kehoe, Susan None
Reading Schwager, Heide None
Reading Smith, Lyn None
Reading Whylly Gregory, Donna None
Reading Coach Roux, Joanna None
Resource Specialist Broxton-Brown, Tammy None
Science Cairl, Cole
  • Karen and Russ OBrien
Science Fallis, Andrew None
Science Godwin, Monica None
Science Henley, Lacey
  • Isaiah and Mariyam Bell
Science Pallan, Nichole None
Science Piazza, Dominick None
Science Rizzotti, Christopher None
Social Studies Brown, Felecia
  • Cynthia Jorgensen
Social Studies Hanlon, Mark None
Social Studies Holden, Todd None
Social Studies Martin, Michael None
Social Studies Smith, Bennett None
Student Success Coach Spivey, Rhonda None
Technology Education Henley, Bryan
  • Bell
Technology Education Torrent, John None
Title 1 Resource Reese, Marsha None