Engaging Mathematical Thinking Classroom

Date 08/09/2021
Teacher Antosh, Joseph
School Osceola Magnet School
Grade 4th Grade
Subject Math

Our class would like to obtain seven 36 x 24 Tripod Whiteboard Easels for helping build a mathematical thinking classroom.


Seven - Dry Erase Easels (36 x 24 Tripod Whiteboards). Seven stations will be set up around the classroom to give students the opportunity to work with a small group on a thinking task. The vertical workspace will allow for collaboration amongst the students. Florida's B.E.S.T. Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning Standards will be implemented next school year. Having these whiteboards in our classroom will help us master many of those new standards. The B.E.S.T standards include: Actively participate in effortful learning both individually and collectively; Demonstrate understanding by representing problems in multiple ways; Engage in discussions that reflect on the mathematical thinking of self and others.


The large whiteboard easels will allow for students to collaborate together to solve thinking tasks. The teacher and fellow students will be able to view the group's thinking from multiple areas of the classroom. This will allow our classroom to engage in meaningful discussions on strategies used to solve the mathematical task.

"When students are sitting, they feel anonymous. And when students feel anonymous, they are more likely to disengage."


Title Amount
(7) Easel Whiteboard - Magnetic Portable Dry Erase Easel Board 36 x 24 Tripod $376.95
Total $376.95

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$376.95 / $376.95

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