Book-A-Day Give-A-Way

Date 07/08/2021
Teacher Sturgeon, Christine
School Sebastian River Middle School
Grade 6-8
Subject Reading

In order to promote a love of reading as well as honor students who exhibit traits that we teach as part of the IB Learner Profile at Sebastian River Middle School, we have established a Book-A-Day Give-A-Way.


Teachers will nominate students who exemplify the traits in the IB Learner Profile. These traits aim to "develop internationally minded people who, recognizing our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better, more peaceful world." The learner profile traits include: thinker, open-minded, principled, balanced, risk-taker, reflective, inquirer, caring, communicator, and knowledgeable. Three nominated students will be announced daily on the morning announcements and, thus, will be able to go to the Media Center to receive a new book of their choice. By the completion of the year, we will be able to gift over 500 books to hard-working, well-rounded students.


The students have not only found choosing their own books to be motivating, but we have found the Book-A-Day Give-A-Way to be an intrinsic motivator. The students strive to show their best Learner Profile traits and, thus, they see the positive results in the classroom and in their lives outside of school, too.


Title Amount
540 Paperback Books, Scholastic (Average Cost $4) $2,160.00
Total $2,160.00

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