Date 02/11/2021
Teacher Dotson, Sharon
School Sebastian River Middle School
Grade 6-8
Subject Social/Emotional Learning

Build effective , positive school environments which increase school safety. Improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students. Prevent and /or reduce problem behaviors using a collaborative, assessment-based approach for developing effective instruction and interventions. Teach and reinforce appropriate behavior to enhance social-emotional learning leading to meaningful and durable lifestyle outcomes across a multi-tiered system of supports.


PBIS Rewards is a schoolwide PBIS management system that assists the school with their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Program. The program provides teachers and staff members with the ability to reward students digital "Cowboy Credits" for demonstrating the 4R's(Ready, Respectful, Responsible, Righteous) in the classroom and an around campus. All staff members have the ability to reward any/all students. Students exchange their "credits" for tangible items such as; ear buds, candy, school supplies, small tokens, lanyards, and various other merchandise. SRMS PBIS Committee maintains a school store where students can redeem their credits. Teachers and staff can create their own stores in their classrooms. The school store is currently being stocked with items that have been donated by the staff and the administration. We would like to continue to stock the store with rewards that teach and reinforce appropriate behavior to enhance social-emotional learning. We do not have access to school funds to purchase items and continue to rely on donations. We are looking for additional funding sources and donations to stock the store. There is also a component that allows administrators to reward teachers for implementing PBIS strategies in their classroom, which improves teacher buy-in. The program collects analytical data and tracks the behavior of each student and can be used to monitor student academic performance, track discipline, identify and monitor behavior, and evaluate the implementation of the PBIS Model schoolwide. With additional donations and funding we can provide incentives for teachers who use the program to meet students' social and emotional needs and improve academic performance.


Improves school culture. Builds social skills. Reduces office discipline referrals. Reduces suspensions. Increases instructional time. Improves social and emotional development. Increases student engagement. Increases student achievement. Provides a safe learning environment for students and staff.


Title Amount
200 ear buds $398.00
20 cases of Bottled Water $79.60
36 Plastic Sport Water Bottles $103.45
72 Plastic 2 Pocket Folders $94.02
72 Emoji Stress Balls $59.94
75 Premium Badge Holders with Lanyards $59.97
144 Fancy Pencils $24.99
100 Colorful Cartoon Pencils $35.98
Scholastic paper back books for teens from 2.99 to 7.99 each $150.00
Dream park speed cube puzzle game (30) $95.98
Paper Mate Erasable Pens (96) $52.00
Laptop Inspirational Stickers (100) $12.00
Laptop Motivational Stickers (100) $7.99
Squishes Squishy Toys $50.00
Stress Balls $52.00
Total $1,275.92

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