Do the Math Number Reasoning- Division

Date 09/13/2021
Teacher Berry, Nora
School Citrus Elementary School
Grade K-5
Subject Math
  1. to provide professional learning and point-of-use support are embedded into every lesson, with clear steps for effective and easily managed teaching. The Professional Learning Guide walks teachers through the instructional strategies and dives deep into the content.

2.To build and rebuild critical foundations by focusing on understanding and skills with both whole numbers and fractions. Students make progress through carefully scaffolded instruction from the basics to more complex operational work. Students learn, process, and build a deep understanding of crucial arithmetic concepts.

  1. To assess before, throughout, and after each module. Engaging classroom and online games invite students to learn and show what they’ve learned. “Think, pair, share” routines encourage students to talk about and share their strategies and new knowledge.

  2. To emphasize language development. Math vocabulary is explicitly taught using a consistent routine. Opportunities are built in throughout the lessons for receptive and expressive use of vocabulary. Visual representations of mathematical concepts are embedded throughout and are used consistently in student work.

  3. To bring struggling students back to where math stopped making sense. They learn practical strategies for solving increasingly complex problems. They choose the particular strategy that works best for them. They demonstrate their understanding. Students learn they can be—and will be—successful.


Math is about more than finding the correct answer. It's about using numerical reasoning to find the best strategy for solving a problem. Created by Marilyn Burns, one of America's most trusted math educators, and a team of master educators, Do The Math® provides flexible, classroom-tested instruction for building numerical reasoning and confidence. Whether used for core instruction in numerical reasoning, pull-out intervention, or summer school settings, Do The Math provides effective instruction at any elementary grade level.


Supports teachers through thoughtfully designed lessons, teacher guides and professional learning guides.

Engages students with hands on learning, games, classroom routines, and independent student work.

Motivates students who are in a virtual learning environment with digital games and online mtools.

Supports language development for English language learners by incorporating visual representations and utilizing consistent instructional routines.


Title Amount
Do The Math Teacher/ Student Kits- Division $2,750.00
Total $2,750.00

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