ORFF Instruments for All Inclusive Music Class

Date 08/12/2021
Teacher Harris, Gregory
School Storm Grove Middle School
Grade 6-8
Subject Music

At Storm Grove Middle School, we believe in “Music For All” and that music is not only a thread of our culture but plays an important therapeutic roll in the wellness of our students. We have made a goal to provide our students with disabilities the opportunity to learn music skills and perform for audiences throughout the year and for years to come.


Storm Grove Middle School is starting a brand new music class for students who may not normally have the opportunity to experience the powerful effects of music. The class will be an all-inclusive program and is designed to bring music to life for those students with physical disabilities while also helping them with motor skills, self-expression, and inclusion. The instruments listed below will help these students create and perform music throughout the year and help Storm Grove reach its goal of being "All in for ALL students!"


Studies have shown that music engages both the right and left brain hemispheres and helps to build literacy in students. Our self-contained students will have the opportunity to learn musical skills, have additional support in social skills, increase fine and gross motor skills, improve speech and communication, and will allow them to work with a diverse group of students that share the same interest WHILE getting reinforcement in other subject areas like Math and Reading. These students will also have the experience to showcase their newly learned skills with live performances throughout the year.


Title Amount
ORFF Instrument Set (2 Alto/Tenor Xylophones, 1 Bass Xylophone, 1 Alto/Tenor Metallophone, 3 Bass Bars, 1 Set of 3 Tubular Drums, and sets of Mallets with Adaptive Cuffs) $5,905.85
Total $5,905.85

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$55.85 / $5,905.85

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